🐀 Updo - Website Monitoring Tool

Updo is a command-line tool for monitoring website uptime and performance. It provides real-time metrics on website status, response time, SSL certificate expiry, and more, with alert notifications.

Real-time monitoring
Monitor website uptime and performance with real-time metrics on website status and response time.
SSL certificate tracking
Keep track of your SSL certificate expiry to maintain your website security without surprises.
Desktop alerts
Receive desktop notifications for website status changes to stay updated on your website’s performance.
Customizable intervals
Set custom refresh intervals and request timeouts to suit the needs of your monitoring.
Flexible protocols
Supports monitoring over both HTTP and HTTPS, with options to bypass SSL verification when needed.
Response assertions
Verify specific text in the response body to ensure content integrity and functionality.

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Very very nice!


Great job, looks really cool.


I am going to use this all the time.


This is awesome. I love the response time and uptime windows.

Jonathan Corrales