What is Owloops, and who is it for?

Owloops is an easy-to-use automation service that allows everyone to create their user flows and execute them from the cloud.

Owloops is for anyone who would like to test and monitor their applications easily

Why did we create it, and how does it work?

We have been automating boring tasks at work for several years. Our non-technical colleagues intrigued by our automation framework and capabilities are also eager to learn and implement their ideas without programming knowledge. This is where Owloops comes into the scene.

We see Owloops as a:

  • A starting point for the automation journey for the people starting in this field.
  • One-stop solution for web automation, such as data collection, assertion, and monitoring.

We use the latest Puppeteer and Chromium to run the user flows. The magic of Serverless infrastructure handles reliability, scaling, and fast performance.

What are our values?

We respect the open-source philosophy and communities and don't believe in locking users to specific tools. We will provide a way to export our automation (Birds) for you to use freely.